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Why not a day in Ghent?

Why not a day in Ghent?

The launch of our POP-UP STORE in Ghent is the perfect occasion for you to visit Ghent. If you wish to fight the cold and walk along the Lys to admire the landscape that February has to offer, follow our little day guide to Ghent…

The most practical if you travel by train is to get off at Ghent Sint-Pieters station. For those of you going by car, the easiest is to park in the Sint-Michielesstraat Parking.

1. Casa Argentaurum

When you arrive to Ghent, head to the Casa Argentaurum to warm up surrounded by the FAÇON JACMIN team. Discover our denim wardrobe for women and the many surprises our team has prepared for you. Next up, the Saint-Nicolas Church and Ghent’s main square.

location-icon Casa Argentaurum                                                location-icon  Saint-Nicolas Church

2. For the hungry hearts

For a quick bite to eat en route to the main square, stop at Moor&Moor for a healthy snack. Another option is Jetje, a café in a beautiful country Flemish house. Let yourself be charmed by the Groentenmarkt Place and its many cuberdon (yummy cone-shaped Belgian candy) shops. Few errands later cross the Lys, walk by the canals, and discover little art galleries here and there. 

location-icon Moor&Moor                       location-icon  Jetje                    location-icon Groentenmarkt Place

3. Not to be missed

In the historical centre, take your time to visit the Saint-Bavon Cathedral and the Belfry, where is concealed wealth of treasures of Flemish craftsmen and artists. To continue, head down to get the most delicious waffles and beignets at Max’s while enjoying its atypical façade in the Goudenleeuw square.

location-icon Saint-Bavon Cathedral                                            location-icon Max

4. Art & Music lovers

Housed in an impressive 100-year-old monument, visit the Vooruit – a bustling art centre that offers a variety of cultural events. Its spacious Art Deco café and modern patio are a common meeting spot for a snack, drink and chat!

For contemporary art, head to the S.M.A.K. museum to see their notable permanent collection or current temporary exhibitions.

For the music lovers, head to Music Mania to find an impressive collection of vinyl. On top of music, contemporary dance and reissue market, Music Mania is one of the biggest independent record store in Belgium!

location-icon Vooruit                               location-icon S.M.A.K                          location-icon Music Mania

5. Snooze

Snooze, get warm, rest in your sofa with a warm drink and enjoy these Flemish sweets you may have bought during your visit in Ghent.

Oh, and Share with us your day in Ghent with the hashtag #FJGhent or by tagging us @faconjacmin ! 


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