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How to take care of your denim?

How to take care of your denim?

When it comes to denim care opinions are divided. There are two schools:
  • Those who refuse contact with water to reach the perfect patina;
  • Those who wash their denim regularly, without remorse.
      To avoid the cycle of emotions that is taking sides, we’ve broken down the main tips to preserve your denim.

      How often should you wash your denim?

      Denim lovers support the no-wash policy to preserve the raw character of their denim. Others back the idea that we should wear our denim at least one year before washing it for the first time, in order to fix the pigments, and then two to three times per year after that. If the hygiene freak inside of you isn’t at ease with that we recommend washing your denim every five to six uses, to keep its original colour. To reduce washes, here are some tips that might interest you:

      • To remove odours, you can give your denim a light steam shower: hang it in your bathroom during your bath or shower. Water vapour are highly effective when it comes to eliminate odours, so don’t skimp on hot water!
      • If your denim is stained take a toothbrush and gently rub it with lukewarm water. You can add a little bit of Marseille soap.

      A raw denim "less raw" - The salt and vinegar bath 

      When you find the denim of your dreams, you want to keep it as long as possible. Thanks to this method, you will fix most of the indigo and remove the excess, while preserving as much as possible the initial colour of your denim. Before the first wash, you should :

      1. Fill a basin with cold or lukewarm water (around 2 litres) or your bath.
      2. Add half a cup of white vinegar and a handful of salt (those amounts are adequate for 2 litres of water and must be adjusted).
      3. Soak your denim for two hours, lying flat in case you use your bath. Tip: To avoid your denim to float to the surface, you can use heavy objects, such as water bottles.
      4. Rinse your denim with clear water.
      5. Let air dry, without spinning. Warning: Protect your floor from the blue drops that might fall during drying.

      “One wash" denim - A quick rinse

      To obtain a lighter result, simply soak your denim for two hours in cold water. It will slightly soften it and remove indigo excess, without unifying its colour and affect its aging.

      Machine wash

      If you still want to wash your denim in the washing machine, here are some precious tips:

      1. Wash your denim inside out, preferably cold (not above 30°C).
      2. Use delicate program, without spinning.
      3. Choose detergent for dark clothes or mid detergent, in order to preserve pigments.
      4. Do not use softener, not to loosen or deform your denim.
      5. Do not wash more than three denim items at the same time, to avoid white ribs and folds.
      6. Prefer hand wash, without spinning your denim.

      Please note: The more you wash your denim, and use hot water, the more it lightens.
      You’re now holding the cards to appropriate your denim pieces and style them on your way!

      Don’t forget to share with us your looks with the hashtag #faconjacmin or by tagging us @faconjacmin !


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