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Insider interview with the FJ founders

Insider interview with the FJ founders

FAÇON JACMIN is celebrating this week their 2 years in the denim world! We thought this gave us the perfect excuse to interview the Belgian twin creators: get to know their feelings about this momentous milestone in their denim journey. 

It’s been 2 years of Japanese denim: how do you feel?

Ségolène: Yes it’s already been 2 years… time flies when you’re having fun ;) I have lots of different feelings about FAÇON JACMIN, I often have the impression that it’s a big adventure, full of surprises, it reminds me of a rollercoaster!

Mostly, I have a satisfaction feeling, I’ve build something this past 2 years. FJ is like my baby. It’s true that being an entrepreneur is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. Of course, to launch your own company directly influences your private life.

I have a feeling of freedom. Being able to decide everything and to be your own boss motivates me. I’ve now tasted that liberty and I think I wouldn’t be able to work for someone else anymore.

I often feel emotional when I see how lucky I am to work with my twin sister. We have a particular relationship, I can count on her anytime, she is a hard worker and her creativity always surprises me. To work with her is a challenge, it’s not always easy but I see we are on the same wavelength and 100% committed to our brand.

Alexandra: I feel very good! 2 years of denim and this is far from the end of our denim journey! I have so many ideas and projects in mind for the future of our women's clothing collections. The denim fabric is timeless and always has different results, I am enthusiastic to keep designing with our signature fabric - quality indigo blue Japanese denim.

What has been the best moment for you during these last 2 years with FJ?

Ségolène : When we won the “Best Emerging Talent” price at the Belgian Fashion Awards in November 2017. It was so emotional!

Alexandra: One of the most recent ones, our OUT OF THE BLUE fashion show in Paris, the 14th of December 2017.

If you were to do the last 2 years again, what would you do differently?

Ségolène: It’s a tough question. Nothing in particular I believe. Mistakes help you learn and I don’t regret them. Sometimes I wish I could see my sister more. As she lives in Paris we mainly communicate by email, Skype and WhatsApp. From time to time, it’s good to see her, to be able to work with her, especially to make important decisions.

Alexandra: I would have reinforced the communication at our various events, especially the fashion show in Paris, to create a bigger impact and more reactions.

What have you learnt about each other in the past 2 years?

Ségolène: I’ve learnt that you always get a price for all your efforts and that work means a lot. We’ve been educated that way. Since we were kids our parents have instilled in us the sense of work. The fact that we indeed received the same education makes it easier to collaborate today.

Alexandra: We have learnt to communicate between us, talk about our doubts, our wishes and our fears. We are coaching each other because we are a duo. Before all, it’s important to weld each other and to have coherent ideas – it creates a solid basis for the company. With my sister we’ve learnt to encourage each other, to be positive. We’ve also learnt to explore unknown lands, news resources and to take risks and innovate. Shifting your bearings is important in this business and in life in general.

Where do you see FJ in another 2 years?

Ségolène: In two years I see FAÇON JACMIN as a famous brand in the denim fashion world and women's clothing, outside the Belgian borders. I see FJ spreading in Europe and in Japan, to conquer new markets such as the United States with New York City as our first target. Thanks to FAÇON JACMIN I want to keep surprising people with our Japanese denim designs and our commercial approaches such as the mobile boutique or the Brussels studio. Don’t stop innovating, being in constant movement towards bigger and better things.

Alexandra: In two years I imagine we will have two or three new studios (Antwerp, Amsterdam,Tokyo or New York) and maybe a denim capsule collection for Men.

PS: we are partying in Amsterdam right now at our exclusive pop-up!


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