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BAIKO japanese furoshiki denim bag with stripes

BAIKO furoshiki bag

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After their last trip in Japan, the twins have been inspired to bring back a keepsake: our own Furoshiki bag, made in our trademark Japanese denim. Also discover BAIKO BlueTo have a sneak peek of how the Furoshiki bag is tied, click here.

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  • 100% cotton - Japanese denim woven in the Okayama region, lightweight 
  • Stripes: light and dark blue, white, red
  • Dimensions of tied bag: width: 55 cm, length: 40cm
  • Square piece of fabric: 1mx1m


  • Delicate washing inside out at 30°C
  • While wearing your denim piece, the indigo dye might bleed out due to the natural characteristics of this fabric. Please take care when wearing with light coloured clothing.

Tips: before the first wash, in order to fix the colour, immerse the piece for two hours in lukewarm water and white vinegar (we suggest two litres of water for half a cup of white vinegar).

BAIKO Stripe Furoshiki bag inspired by Japanese Nara period
BAIKO japanese furoshiki denim bag with stripes
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