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DAWN 16/17

During a trip to Cambodia, the JACMIN twin sisters - Alexandra and Ségolène - met artisan weavers who possess a valuable and unique skill: the art of textile, an integral part of the Cambodian culture. They discovered the Ikat technique, a dyeing and weaving procedure in which individual threads are dyed before being woven to create a pattern.

Whilst travelling across this beautiful country, they also came upon a plant traditionally cultivated in this part of the world: the true indigo plant, used for dyeing silk. The indigo plant creates an intense blue colour. Indigo blue is now a staple in the Belgian twin's denim women's collections. It was clear that both sisters were completely enchanted.

The Belgian twins were inspired to combine the intense indigo blue of the indigo plant and the Ikat technique with the timeless material that is their staple, Japanese denim. This perfect blend has deep sentimental value as FAÇON JACMIN collaborates with NGOs, who employ disadvantaged and disabled people, creating a chance for them in life. This partnership is exceptional as it focuses on their ability to produce such beautiful and complex patterns and textiles, rather than on their disability. This is women's fashion that goes further, supporting those in need and providing a future for them. Join us in shopping smart, think more before you buy.

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