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A memorable show with NATAN

A memorable show with NATAN

It was only a few weeks ago that FAÇON JACMIN premiered the NATAN couture private show as part of the NATAN collective. This memorable evening was like the denim manifestation of having your cake and eating it too. Perhaps the past few months have been the source of copious existential pondering about our past, present and future of our denim journey. In October and November, it was when we felt the most ambitious, the most open to change, and the most eager to explore, outside of our comfort zone. Instead of transitioning in January, our personal resolution manifested earlier at FAÇON JACMIN, we have decided to share more with you, starting with our new boutique and DENIM LAB in Antwerp...and this video! 

NATAN x FAÇON JACMIN: a denim dream

NATAN x FAÇON JACMIN: a denim dream

When two worlds collide, this is the story of how we met NATAN. In February 2017 FAÇON JACMIN won the prize for "Best Emerging Talent 2016" in the fashion category awarded by C’est du Belge, RTBF, an award that recognises young Belgian designers. The award was presented by Edouard Vermeulen, founder of the couture fashion house NATAN. This was the beginning of an exciting journey for the JACMIN twins. In April 2017, FAÇON JACMIN was fortunate enough to be selected by NATAN, recognised as a young Belgian talent, to showcase our collection at the NATAN store in Brussels, as part of the NATAN Collective. This was an electrifying moment for our women's fashion brand, one we grasped with both hands, ready to highlight and spread the word about our quality Japanese indigo denim. It was the start of a very special relationship…

It was love at first sight for the two of us, falling head over heels for each other – with our devotion to good quality, resistant denim at the centre of our relationship. NATAN focuses on creating a timeless and elegant environment, a philosophy that fits in perfect harmony with the JACMIN twins, a match made in heaven.

From this common vision were born three new, exclusive pieces in a denim capsule collection, created in our trademark quality Japanese blue denim. A collaboration inspired by classic cuts and shapes, all three denim pieces are essentials in a woman’s wardrobe. TILA is a simple, slightly flared denim top featuring a boat neck neckline, enhancing the nape of the neck, adding effortless elegance. TORI is a loose-fitting denim blouse, with the characteristic of snap button fastenings at the shoulder, providing an interesting structure to this understated Japanese indigo blue denim blouse. The star of the collection is VENUS, a reimagined denim jacket – a cult classic in women's fashion. VENUS is unique in its small details, modest deviations from the iconic denim jacket add up to have a powerful effect. VENUS has hidden buttons, resulting in a refined design of the denim jacket. All three pieces have sophistication oozing from the Japanese denim.

NATAN x FAÇON JACMIN is an exciting journey within the denim universe, the centre of our world. Our hope is that, by collaborating with other brands, denim becomes a staple in women's wardrobes, with designs they just can't stop wearing. This is only the beginning, denim is taking over the world – one FAÇON JACMIN design at a time!  

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