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The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Perfect Christmas Gift

This Winter Holiday season feels obviously different from any other years, it is one more reason for looking for the perfect Christmas present. A beautiful way to remind your family and friends that even if you can’t be with them this year, you still have a thought for them.

Now we all know that finding the perfect present is not an easy task. This is why we created ‘The Perfect Christmas Gift’ guide! You will discover here the perfect, thoughtful present that will fit the personality of your loved ones.

The day-to-day present

Never assume that the simplest present is not the perfect one! The prestige of a gift could be found either in extravagant presents than in the most practical ones. Let’s pimp her day with our timeless face masks, the must-haves for this season, or get her a pochette as Abiba the essential of every women handbag! It would perfectly match our Bobby Tote bag!

The trendy gift for this fashion addict friend

Did you remember those hard times looking for the perfect gift for this relative that already collects all the last trend in her wardrobe? This season, don’t stress out and bet on the total denim style. You can play it at the FAÇON JACMIN way with our own version of this look : the Castel shirt perfectly matches with our skirt Jores. For a white elegant and sleek style, get a crush on the association of Dali blouse and our Patti white pants; its batwing sleeves create a seductive and confident attitude. 


Move freely and in style at home

With the need of keeping a social distancing and promoting home working, choose a gift that could be enjoyed at home! Aiming right with a comfortable outfit that your loved one will love to wear for her daily life! Move about freely and in style with Pike pants. If more into an oversized fit, bets on our Gloria shirt dress created in three different colors: blueecru and red


For the adventurous spirit

Who would say no to a little walk into the wild? Only things needed are a nice comfortable denim pants, a warm jacket, and a scarf! Don’t look any further for this outfit: the new version of Patti or our reversible bandana Anjou are the ones!

For the undecided 

Still unsure about what would be the best present? Choose our e-gift cardAn ideal gift that can be used as many times as you like and is valid for up to one year from the date of purchase!


Discover these looks and more in our special Gift Guide category!

Smock Embroidery & Artisanal Denim

Smock Embroidery & Artisanal Denim

WOMEN FROM NOWHERE 20/21 collection presents two artisanal denim pieces inspired by a traditional English embroidery technique called Smock. This method was historically used as a way to tailor laborers shirt without wasting fabric while maintaining a certain elasticity. Nowadays the process has become a decorative art. The Smock embroidery usually required lightweight fabric with a stable weave to gather well.

The possibility to create a variety of volumes on the same piece and the challenge represented by the use of Smock on Japanese denim - an atypical fabric for this embroidery - gave birth to the ingenious idea of this handmade look.Usually the Smock technique is used for cuffs and necklines but here it is created on the whole piece to give more relief and a strong attitude at a very feminine silhouette. The TONIA top was created from a 4.5-meter width of denim: the front of the top is stretchy thanks to the smocks, unlike the back thus bringing a beautiful contrast. The TATIA bolero was also created from the pleating of 2.5-meter length of denim. This bolero is unique reinforcing denims look with its strong posture. These two unique looks were exceptionally embroidered by hand in our Paris atelier.

Initially Alexandra had in mind the design of a unique piece: a long-sleeved shirt. The use of Smock forced her to make the top separately from the sleeves for more ease. As the project progressed, it became clear that the top had more strength and modernity without the sleeves, which were a perfect accessory to complete the look.




The design of these pieces was carried out with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Tonia artisanal smock top | FAÇON JACMIN 

TATIA artisanal smock bolero | FAÇON JACMIN 



7 denim looks spotted at Paris Fashion Week we love

7 denim looks spotted at Paris Fashion Week we love

This year, the street style looks in Paris are pretty laid back, and we love it. Denim can make any outfit look cool and not too over the top. We put together a selection of our 7 favorite looks spotted during Paris Fashion Week 2020. We also matched the ideal FAÇON JACMIN alternatives to recreate those styles.

Our DALI cloud blouse by Valentine Witmeur

Spotted at a showroom during PFW, Belgian designer Valentine Witmeur wearing our DALI batwing sleeve tie-dye blouse. Currently sold out, our DALI blouse will soon be available again for pre-order. Get it through this link.

Valentine Witmeur Dali cloud shirt Paris Fashion Week

The denim jumpsuit by Héloïse Agostinelli

All hail to Héloise Agostinelli spotted outside the Dior show in this striking denim jumpsuit. A jumpsuit always does the job: if you want a sleek look like the picture below, our new CLAUDIA jumpsuit is just what you need. If you are into a more oversized fit, go for the OLGA jumpsuit, created in a thinner mid blue denim.

Heloïse Agostinelli Paris Fashion Week denim jumpsuit

Our ROZA dress styled by Nina Catalina Dancet

Want to go for a more glamorous look? Denim looks just as good as a dress, as proven by Nina Catalina Dancet who styled our now sold out ROZA dress. A chic denim dress will be the perfect choice for an evening look or a cocktail event. Discover our ROXAN dress and pair it with our GLORIA oversized shirt like Nina did.

Nina Dancet denim dress paris fashion week

Denim workwear by Edita Vilkeviciute

Our fourth crush goes to Edita Vilkeviciute and her denim workwear outfit, the perfect cool girl look with a stylish twist. Reproduce it with our VICE workwear jacket & PALO workwear pants. Their lighter wash is just what you need to enter the (hopefully) nicer days.

Denim on denim outfit paris fashion week

Jeans from head to toe by Kaia Gerber

There was another denim on denim look we loved. Supermodel Kaia Gerber is known for her simple looks, and she didn’t miss the beat this time. Her outfit screams class and comfort. Just add a simple white t-shirt under your jeans and denim jacket combo and you’re good to go. For the FJ twist, opt for our SELMA jacket and PATTI pants. 

Kaia Gerber Paris fashion week denim on denim outfit

The denim blazer by Deborah Reyner

This season, the blazer makes his entrance and just like Deborah Reyner Sebag, we are here for it. For the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, our designer Alexandra Jacmin revisited this classic piece by adding a double collar with a Japanese printed under the lapels. Leave it open for a cool and easy look or belt it for a smarter effect. Pair it with a pair of straight jeans, and your outfit is done.

Denim blazer jeans paris fashion week

White contrast by Irina Shayk

Summer calls for lighter street style looks, in fabrics and in colors. Irina Shayk proves that an all-white outfit makes for the perfect chic yet trendy look. White high-waisted jeans and a matching jacket will take you through the mid-season like no other. Want to recreate this look with FJ garments? PATTI white and SELMA white are the perfect options.

Irina Shayk white denim white jeans paris fashion week

 Let us know which look is your favorite!

70 Women Together To Celebrate Their Strength

70 Women Together To Celebrate Their Strength

The moments mounting to the performance were nail biting yet thrilling and liberating at the same time. Here we were, in the corridors of Brussels Central Station, with 70 women – friends and long time clients – all dressed in FAÇON JACMIN for this unique experience. In a heartbeat, with the curious glance of commuters, we were standing in the middle of the crowd to execute a 5-min performance. Just two days ahead of the international day for the elimination of violence against women, we made the grounds of Brussels Central Station shake.

For the occasion, a few upcycled oversized denim shirts were hand crafted in Alexandra’s Paris atelier and in our Antwerp denim lab. The shirts were recrafted from old vintage jeans and denim clothing gathered during our ‘denim collect’. These were designed for our DENIMIST women to wear during the performance. A selection of the re-crafted denim shirts will be sold online shortly and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization “Touche Pas À Ma Pote”, which fights harassment of women in public spaces.

The moves we performed were meant to liberate women’s gesture and were focused on well being and relaxation. One notable movement was what we like to call “the chewing gum”, an act of free twisting and spiraling. An outrageously goofy move, but you know how goes the saying “the most important thing is to have fun”. Together our energy felt infinite.

DENIMIST means to fuel women, to encourage them to do things they have never done before, through various creative projects. It focuses on different causes in line with our values, such as sustainability, gender equality, human rights or mental health for instance. Much like Ann Brashares’ book The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants, in which 4 best friends hatch a plan to stay connected by sharing a pair of secondhand jeans - we believe that denim can bring us together and our collective creativity can bring forward positive action.

We couldn’t be more proud of this first event, many thanks to our most energetic core, you Anne, Barbara, Charlotte, Debora, Elisabeth, Fabienne, Greet, Helen, Ilse, Julie, Laura, Marie, Nathalie and many more. This project is our first and won’t be our last. DENIMIST is to encourage women to do things they have never done before.

Want to learn about our next DENIMIST event ? Have a look here.

 denimist creative project facon jacmin

denimist powerful women movement facon jacmindenimist self love inspiration project facon jacmindenimist lovers facon jacmindenimist united female strength facon jacmin

4 Knitwear Pieces To Live More Sustainably

4 Knitwear Pieces To Live More Sustainably

Alexandra Jacmin’s desire to create a Knitwear Capsule first started when researching the possibility to unweave threads of vintage jeans and use these to hand knit a shirt – a shirt that will be presented separately as part of FAÇON JACMIN’s artisanal collection. If her desire was later reinforced during a workshop on natural indigo dyeing, it was also inspired by her years of designing knitwear for Maison Martin Margiela. 

“What is unique about knitwear is the creation process. Knitwear is not a ready-made fabric – to design a knitted garment you have to create it from the outset, from the material to the shape. That’s a fantastic puzzle.” – Alexandra Jacmin

This bold project stems from a commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability, whereby Alexandra Jacmin reconciles denim with the art of knitting. The 4 knitted denim garments are all dyed with natural indigo, which is a sustainable dye that doesn't produce harmful waste and that can be composted and later used to fertilise crops. The natural indigo dye also gives beautiful colour variations while synthetic dyes produce an even blue. The 4 sustainable denim garments are knitted with South African seaweed and West Indian Sea Island cotton – which are known to create soft and silky resistant wear.

Discover the MIRAGE knit jumper, MALISSE knit scarf, MISSY knit beanie hat and the removable Knit Collar.

sustainable denim brand facon jacmin design natural indigo knitwear

eco friendly knitwear collection dyed with natural indigo

sustainable denim collection knitwear luxury clothing

The best vintage stores in Brussels to shop denim

The best vintage stores in Brussels to shop denim

For all denim lovers, we give you six of the best vintage shops in Brussels. Close to the Bourse and the Grand-Place, in the heart of Brussels, come find denim treasures for your wardrobe.


This is the favourite spot of those who stand for a “street vintage” style. Amongst other things, you may find workwear pieces, timeless pieces, basic Levi’s jeans, oversize sweatshirts and converse shoes. An inevitable stop for thrift shoppers and denim lovers alike.  

Find here denim, womenswear/menswear, shoes, accessories. Price : €€

Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday, 11h-19h, and on Sunday, 12h-18h.

location-icon Episode

2. FOXHOLE – St Géry

A lovely shop full of surprises and bargains of all kinds. Finds may include pieces from the 60’s-90’s: colourful items, Levi’s shorts and denim jackets. The staffs are very friendly.

Find here denim, womenswear/menswear, accessories. Price :

Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday, 11h-18h30.

 location-icon Foxhole


Quite literally the paradise of deals, Think Twice has something for any type of style: from Levi’s and Lee Cooper jeans to a fluid summer print dress. At the end of each month items are sold at 5€, 3€, and sometimes even 1€.

Find here denim, womenswear/menswear, accessories. Price :

Opening hours: From Monday to Friday, 10h-18h and on Saturday, 11h-18h.

 location-icon Think Twice T2


For seven years, the Brussels Vintage Market takes place in the Halles Saint-Géry every first Sunday of the month. All kinds of vintage denim pieces are sold, as well as women’s and men’s vintage clothing from all periods, accessories, jewellery and furniture. A lot of the sellers on site also own their own vintage stores across Belgium, so it is also an opportunity to discover new stores.

Find here denim, womenswear/menswear, jewellery, furniture, accessories. Price : € - €€

Opening hours: Every first Sunday of the month, 12h-19h.

 location-icon Brussels Vintage Market


This elegant shop offers a large selection of high-end and luxury vintage pieces. You may come accross Yves Saint-Laurent or Acne Studio vintage denim pieces. The denim selection is limited to a few pieces.  A patio with a beautiful view is also used as a private showroom.

Find here denim, womenswear, luxury/high-end, accessories. Price : €€€

Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday, 12h-19h, and from Wednesday to Saturday, 11h-18h.

location-icon Isabelle Bajart


Ramon & Valy offers a selection of high-end and luxury vintage clothes. Finds may include emblematic pieces signed Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix or Dries Van Noten. The denim selection is limited to a few pieces.

Find here denim, womenswear/menswear, luxury/high-end, accessories. Price : €€€

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12h30-18h30, on Friday, 13h-19h, and on Saturday, 11h-19h.

 location-icon Ramon & Valy

isabelle bajart vintage stores in brussels high-end pieces

Think twice T2 denim vintage stores in brussels

episode vintage stores denim overall in brussels

episode vintage shop in brussels denim shorts

Foxhole vintage store in Brussels denim shorts

The best denim for you this season according to the Zodiac

The best denim for you this season according to the Zodiac

The stars can basically tell us anything, including what denim suits you best. Today’s astrology content takes the form of which denim pieces we believe are best suited for which sign. A denim reading, if you will. If nothing else, perhaps you may find insight into yourself!


Sensitive, honest and sincere, Capricorns need a functional wardrobe that communicates who they truly are. They like a dark, comfortable and effective style that reveals their potential. Timeless pieces are their go to items!

✰ Picked for you: MOD | PRESLEY | PATTI


Try and tell Aquarius how to dress, she won’t have it. They either let their simplicity or their extravagance speak through their style. They are independent and have a strong personality. Open to change, Aquarius’ style is a means of expression above all. Aquarius thrives on avant-garde and functional pieces!

✰ Picked for you: OLGA | GLORIA HEAVY


Imaginative and sensitive, Pisces have an unequalled artistic touch. Their wardrobe is made of elegant and ample pieces, which are a part of their charming personality. Pisces love mixing fabrics and colourful pieces. One only requirement for Pisces: they want pockets!

✰ Picked for you: COCO | PIKE


Born leaders, heads turn when the fire sign walks into a room. Aries are spontaneous, bold and often impulsive. They love bold character pieces. Being sensational is their mantra.

✰ Picked for you: VICPALOMA


As a true perfectionist, Taurus leaves nothing to chance. Taurus’s are sensual beings and their clothes need to embrace their figure elegantly. Their wardrobes are made up of simple cuts, elegant, durable pieces created in noble materials.

✰ Picked for you: RIO  | TEXAS


There is no routine when it comes to Gemini! They love discovery and one-of-a-kind pieces. They have no match when it comes to thrift shopping, they mix and match perfectly the old with the new, the designer with the non-designer. What’s more, Gemini’s tend to have a lot of denim in their wardrobe!

✰ Picked for you: RICHIE | TAYLOR


Cancers are true romantics. Sensitive and loving, they take care of others. Rather quiet and self-conscious, they also tend to prefer ample pieces. Their wardrobe is composed of light tones, print fabrics and trendy pieces that are both feminine and comfortable.

✰ Picked for you: JADE | COLE


Leo’s are sensational and generous, there is a certain “je ne sais quoi” that’s unique about them. Proud and determined, they never take half-measures or short cuts. Beauty attracts them and they follow fashion closely. Their wardrobe is composed of remarkable feminine pieces that characterize and differentiate them from the crowd.

✰ Picked for you: RISE


Virgo’s discreet nature makes for a sensitive, honest and humble spirit. Observant and perfectionist, they appreciate detail. Their wardrobe usually includes subtle, sophisticated high-end designs.

✰ Picked for you: CHARLIE | PEPITA


Always in search of the perfect balance, Libra’s look changes according to their mood. Libra likes a harmonized elegant wardrobe. They have everything from statement pieces to simple basics and can spend a lot of time deciding what to wear. On the colour spectrum, Libras tend to be drawn to sky colours like blue or ivory.

✰ Picked for you: CAROL | PALI | MELVIN


Scorpios have a resourceful wardrobe. Feminine, sensitive, and determined, they know what they want and prove it by wearing timeless classic’s as well as the occasional extravaganza piece. Scorpios love a tight dress and want a wardrobe with high potential for seduction.

✰ Picked for you: RUBY


Cheerful and idealistic, Sagittarius has everything it takes to charm you! They are social, care about other’s opinion and are also something of a rebel. Their wardrobe is usually made up of practical trendy pieces. They love eccentric pieces but still need their comfort. What’s more, midnight blue is their go-to colour!

✰ Picked for you: STAN 


vic and paloma denim ensemble for women fj design

japanese denim wardrobe for women fj designs

gloria shirt dress in japanese denim fj design

jade denim long skirt for women fj design

rise denim polo dress for women fj design

melvyn denim trench coat for women fj design

 Selma workwear denim jacket and Pike denim pants

How to take care of your denim?

How to take care of your denim?

When it comes to denim care opinions are divided. There are two schools:
  • Those who refuse contact with water to reach the perfect patina;
  • Those who wash their denim regularly, without remorse.
      To avoid the cycle of emotions that is taking sides, we’ve broken down the main tips to preserve your denim.

      How often should you wash your denim?

      Denim lovers support the no-wash policy to preserve the raw character of their denim. Others back the idea that we should wear our denim at least one year before washing it for the first time, in order to fix the pigments, and then two to three times per year after that. If the hygiene freak inside of you isn’t at ease with that we recommend washing your denim every five to six uses, to keep its original colour. To reduce washes, here are some tips that might interest you:

      • To remove odours, you can give your denim a light steam shower: hang it in your bathroom during your bath or shower. Water vapour are highly effective when it comes to eliminate odours, so don’t skimp on hot water!
      • If your denim is stained take a toothbrush and gently rub it with lukewarm water. You can add a little bit of Marseille soap.

      A raw denim "less raw" - The salt and vinegar bath 

      When you find the denim of your dreams, you want to keep it as long as possible. Thanks to this method, you will fix most of the indigo and remove the excess, while preserving as much as possible the initial colour of your denim. Before the first wash, you should :

      1. Fill a basin with cold or lukewarm water (around 2 litres) or your bath.
      2. Add half a cup of white vinegar and a handful of salt (those amounts are adequate for 2 litres of water and must be adjusted).
      3. Soak your denim for two hours, lying flat in case you use your bath. Tip: To avoid your denim to float to the surface, you can use heavy objects, such as water bottles.
      4. Rinse your denim with clear water.
      5. Let air dry, without spinning. Warning: Protect your floor from the blue drops that might fall during drying.

      “One wash" denim - A quick rinse

      To obtain a lighter result, simply soak your denim for two hours in cold water. It will slightly soften it and remove indigo excess, without unifying its colour and affect its aging.

      Machine wash

      If you still want to wash your denim in the washing machine, here are some precious tips:

      1. Wash your denim inside out, preferably cold (not above 30°C).
      2. Use delicate program, without spinning.
      3. Choose detergent for dark clothes or mid detergent, in order to preserve pigments.
      4. Do not use softener, not to loosen or deform your denim.
      5. Do not wash more than three denim items at the same time, to avoid white ribs and folds.
      6. Prefer hand wash, without spinning your denim.

      Please note: The more you wash your denim, and use hot water, the more it lightens.
      You’re now holding the cards to appropriate your denim pieces and style them on your way!

      Don’t forget to share with us your looks with the hashtag #faconjacmin or by tagging us @faconjacmin !

      façon jacmin denim washing methods tips

      façon jacmin denim pieces care tips

      façon jacmin how to take care of denims

      façon jacmin denim pants care tips

      façon jacmin japanese denim care


      Denim street style from Paris Fashion Week

      Denim street style from Paris Fashion Week

      In case you had missed it, we carefully spotted five denim looks during the Fashion Week in Paris. These street style looks somehow speak to the FAÇON JACMIN aesthetic: raw denim, preferably not washed-out, and always with the aim to raise awareness about excessive consumption of water and polluting products used to washout denim.

      Spotted during the shows in Paris,  journalist Anne-françoise Moyson was wearing our MELVIN oversized denim trench. Our personal crush: the total raw denim look, authentic color of denim that honors its cultural heritage. Then, we felt particularly nostalgic as we spotted this win back the 70’s long denim skirt. Of course we had to come across a denim jumpsuit, the perfect workwear style from day to night. Last but not least, at the Dior Show, we spotted a pair of dark culotte jeans that simply does it.

      Oversized denim trench 

      Street style - oversized denim trench from Paris Fashion Week 2019/2020

      Raw Denim

      Street style - total denim look from Paris Fashion Week 2019/2020 

      Seventies denim skirt

      Street style - seventies denim skirt from Paris Fashion Week 2019/2020 


      Street style - denim jumpsuit from Paris Fashion Week 2019/2020 

      Culotte jeans  

       Street style - culotte jeans from Paris Fashion Week 2019/2020 

      Why not a day in Ghent?

      Why not a day in Ghent?

      The launch of our POP-UP STORE in Ghent is the perfect occasion for you to visit Ghent. If you wish to fight the cold and walk along the Lys to admire the landscape that February has to offer, follow our little day guide to Ghent…

      The most practical if you travel by train is to get off at Ghent Sint-Pieters station. For those of you going by car, the easiest is to park in the Sint-Michielesstraat Parking.

      1. Casa Argentaurum

      When you arrive to Ghent, head to the Casa Argentaurum to warm up surrounded by the FAÇON JACMIN team. Discover our denim wardrobe for women and the many surprises our team has prepared for you. Next up, the Saint-Nicolas Church and Ghent’s main square.

      location-icon Casa Argentaurum                                                location-icon  Saint-Nicolas Church

      2. For the hungry hearts

      For a quick bite to eat en route to the main square, stop at Moor&Moor for a healthy snack. Another option is Jetje, a café in a beautiful country Flemish house. Let yourself be charmed by the Groentenmarkt Place and its many cuberdon (yummy cone-shaped Belgian candy) shops. Few errands later cross the Lys, walk by the canals, and discover little art galleries here and there. 

      location-icon Moor&Moor                       location-icon  Jetje                    location-icon Groentenmarkt Place

      3. Not to be missed

      In the historical centre, take your time to visit the Saint-Bavon Cathedral and the Belfry, where is concealed wealth of treasures of Flemish craftsmen and artists. To continue, head down to get the most delicious waffles and beignets at Max’s while enjoying its atypical façade in the Goudenleeuw square.

      location-icon Saint-Bavon Cathedral                                            location-icon Max

      4. Art & Music lovers

      Housed in an impressive 100-year-old monument, visit the Vooruit – a bustling art centre that offers a variety of cultural events. Its spacious Art Deco café and modern patio are a common meeting spot for a snack, drink and chat!

      For contemporary art, head to the S.M.A.K. museum to see their notable permanent collection or current temporary exhibitions.

      For the music lovers, head to Music Mania to find an impressive collection of vinyl. On top of music, contemporary dance and reissue market, Music Mania is one of the biggest independent record store in Belgium!

      location-icon Vooruit                               location-icon S.M.A.K                          location-icon Music Mania

      5. Snooze

      Snooze, get warm, rest in your sofa with a warm drink and enjoy these Flemish sweets you may have bought during your visit in Ghent.

      Oh, and Share with us your day in Ghent with the hashtag #FJGhent or by tagging us @faconjacmin ! 

       Blogpost journée à Gand restaurant Jetje

       Blogpost journée à Gand Grand-Place

       Blogpost journée à Gand échoppe cuberdons

       Blogpost journée à Gand Moor&Moor

       Blogpost journée à Gand Beffroi

      Upcycling & Artisanal Denim

      Upcycling & Artisanal Denim

      The BLUE VELVET collection presents two artisanal denim pieces inspired from an ancient Japanese embroidery technique called Sashiko. This technique was traditionally used to make clothing warmer and stronger. Nowadays, the technique has become a decorative art. The hand stitching of the Sashiko technique is usually performed with a white or ecru thread on an indigo canvas.

      In 2018, during a trip to Japan, our artistic director Alexandra Jacmin discovered the Sashiko technique. Later that year in her Paris atelier, the idea of creating an artisanal look using this technique was emerging. The initial idea was to adapt extra large pieces of fabric into a feminine silhouette using various techniques and patterns. The PHOENIX pants were created from XXL vintage male jeans and adapted into a feminine silhouette by minimising the fabric. CLYDE was also created from a size 42 and adapted into a size 36. The complete denim look was exceptionally embroidered by hand in our Paris atelier.

      Interestingly enough, the artisanal look became reversible by accident. At first, the threads were deliberately left long on the inside in case the fabric needed to be puckered further to obtain a size 36. Once it was finished, the model was fitted inside out, mainly out of curiosity. Almost instantly, we decided this look would be made reversible!

      Artisanal Denim Look

      Artisanal Denim Look

      Make denim more sustainable, together

      Make denim more sustainable, together

      Although resistant and durable, denim remains infamous for consuming excessive amounts of water and dyes. From the very beginning, we were conscious of this problem and have chosen an environmentally conscious denim atelier to source our denim in Japan. Our atelier currently recycles 99% of the water it uses!

      We want to push further. Our Make Denim More Sustainable movement aims to take positive actions throughout time to support this cause. Interested? Be part of the first step!


      Join us on Saturday 20 October at our Brussels Studio between 13:00 - 19:00 for our big DENIM COLLECT. Simply bring your old denim or cotton clothes and enjoy some quality time with us at the studio while you give your clothes a new life! Everyone is welcome, for one day only, children and men are allowed in our denim wardrobe for women. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to discover our new collection Blue Velvet.

      To show even more love, we will give away coupons for free shipping and -15€ off your next online purchase during the event. 


      The next step involves you creating your own denim piece in an atelier organised and supervised by Alexandra JACMIN. This atelier will take place early the following year, giving us the time to recycle your old jeans into new fabrics. During the Local Denim Collect you will get the chance to pre-register for this denim atelier. Places are limited so do not miss your chance!

      Be part of our new journey!

      One of our jacminettes wearing all FJ denim

      FJ denim atelier in Japan

      An FJ original series – inspiring JACMINETTES – S1:E2

      An FJ original series – inspiring JACMINETTES – S1:E2

      We are very happy to share with you the second episode of our inspiring JACMINETTES. Keep up with Stéphanie and Beatrijs on their love for FAÇON JACMIN. And you, what do you love about denim? We can’t wait to read your answers in the comments below!

      indigo blue Japanese denim RUBY elegant dress women's clothing summer style FAÇON JACMIN

      An FJ original series – inspiring JACMINETTES – S1:E1

      An FJ original series – inspiring JACMINETTES – S1:E1

      In June we hosted a picnic for the JACMINETTES in the Bois de la Cambre. The day was full of chit-chat and we left feeling even more love for our wonderful clients. Watch this first video to see Catherine, Ethel and Caroline talk about their desire for FJ DENIM. And you? How would you describe FAÇON JACMIN in one word? What’s your favourite FJ design? We can’t wait to read your responses to the questions in the comments below!

      P.S. Be sure to stay tuned for the second part to this mini series of interviews! 

      olga japanese denim jumpsuit women's fashion belgian creators brussels FAÇON JACMIN

      japanese denim clothing for women belgian twin sister creators brussels shopping summer clothes FAÇON JACMIN

       Photos & Video ©Merel Hart

      DENIM lovers you should be following on Instagram

      DENIM lovers you should be following on Instagram

      Let’s be honest, who doesn’t scroll through Instagram before bed – we are definitely guilty of this. We are always on the hunt for inspiring fashion feeds jam packed with DENIM. The twins have exclusively selected their must-follow Instagram accounts and blogs, featuring their one true love and trademark fabric: DENIM. So, what are you waiting for...start following!

      First up, is @kellouhar,

      A true DENIM addict, Kelly is an inspiring woman with real life experience in the fashion industry, she is the founder of TRADEMARK BLUE. A fashion designer and trend forecaster by day, and a denim and vintage archivist always. With denim at the heart and a genuine passion for Japanese indigo denim, her Instagram feed is an oasis of blue. We just cannot stop loving the theme! She was spotted wearing our MELVIN trench coat during New York fashion week in February this year. We are already thinking of the next FJ design she will rock.

      Here is an insider view into the world of @kellouhar:

      - Where did your passion for denim start?

      "For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about denim. I was obsessed with the Levis brand, and with the Twisted Levi's adverts in the early 2000’s and even wrote part of my dissertation for my fashion degree about Levi's branding. I was so obsessed with denim I begged my parents to buy me my first Levi's Jacket for my 17th or 18th birthday. I still have it to this day and still wear it."

      - Why are vintage clothes a passion of yours?

      "I adore vintage clothing mainly because I love that each piece tells a story. Working in the fashion industry where trends come and go on an almost monthly basis, vintage clothing for me never really goes out of style or fashion – vintage clothing is timeless just like a pair of jeans. There are pieces I love for the way they are made or maybe they evoke a memory of where I found the item and where I wore it.  I love finding unique pieces, denim and non-denim, that can be passed down through generations. One of the great things about vintage is that I love the thrill of the hunt, finding a unique piece that nobody else in the world has means I cherish every piece with care. I like to shop at flea markets and shops across the globe, my favourite is the Rose Bowl flea Market in LA and I have some favourite shops in Japan. I also shop online if I’m looking for something particular. I shop from eBay, Depop, etsy as well as some favourite online stores. My most recent find was made on Depop where I re-purchased a Twisted Levi's skirt I used to own as a youngster but got rid of, what can I say, ... I was feeling nostalgic!"

      - Tell us your denim dream – what piece of clothing would you love to see created in denim.

      "Oh gosh, I’d perhaps love an excuse to wear a denim couture dress. Perhaps something you wouldn’t usually see made from denim."

      @ropesofholland lives in a pair of jeans,

      The woman behind the blog Ropes of Holland is Lindsey. A former contemporary dancer and physiotherapist, Lindsey has now turned her full attention to fashion. Denim is a recurring feature in her style. A “denim girl through and through” is how she describes herself. We love how she styles her endless collection of jeans. Lindsey boasts a simple and compelling style – from a day look of jeans with a timeless shirt and trainers, to an evening look with jeans and heels. We are always looking out for her staple pair of jeans – be sure to keep your eye out for them too!

      @maxheinsbroek gives denim a twist,

      Max is a young and vibrant woman. A model with a budding career, she invests her time in brands that she identifies with. We are lucky to be a brand that she believes in and were over the moon to have collaborated with her to celebrate our 2-year anniversary in Amsterdam. She is just starting to enter into the world of denim: For now, our MOD coat, soon to be one of our timeless pieces, is her go to. We cannot wait to see what denim designs become her staples. We love seeing her relaxed and chic style on our feed and look forward to seeing more denim adventures from her.

      Max gave us an exclusive sneak peek into her universe:

      What is your favourite way to style your denim?

      "I like to style my jacket with a pair of black trousers, a simple white t-shirt and a nice bag. Keep it simple."

      - How did you start your modelling career? We understand you are also studying to be a programmer, how do you manage to keep up with both?

      "I was scouted in one off the little streets in my city; Amsterdam. I was around 18 years old and I had already started my studies. It’s hard to keep up with both and everyone tells me it’s impossible... but I guess I’m too stubborn to listen and now I’m almost graduated!"

      - Tell us your denim dream – what piece of clothing would you love to see created in denim.

      "My favourite will always be simple denim jeans. That sounds easy, but it’s hard to find the perfect pair!"

      And you? What denim addicts are you following on Instagram? We love to discover denim enthusiasts. Let us know in the comments the denim pieces you dream about. Maybe they will be in our next collection! 😉

      indigo blue japanese denim jacket women's fashion kelly harrington blogger FAÇON JACMIN

      indigo blue japanese denim trench coat timeless design belgian brand new york fashion week FAÇON JACIN

      high waisted denim jeans women's street style bloggers FAÇON JACMIN

      denim jacket women's fashion double denim FAÇON JACMIN

      indigo blue japanese denim coat mod timeless design belgian twin sister creators FAÇON JACMIN

      high waisted denim jeans women's fashion FAÇON JACMIN

      Our events: the beating heart of FJ

      Our events: the beating heart of FJ

      At FAÇON JACMIN we love to form lasting relationships with you. With the twins we are passionate and enthusiastic to see our denim designs create happiness amongst our clients. Our events are a great chance to highlight our vision and focus on a sustainable wardrobe, with pieces for every season and every occasion – made from a functional and durable fabric: denim.

      FJ denim is on permanent showcase at our Brussels studio, this is not enough for the Belgian twins.

      Since the beginning of our journey, the mobile boutique is on the move in the heart of Antwerp in front of the MoMu and in Brussels at Place Sainte-Catherine. We welcome you there two weekends a month from May to September.

      Pop-up events are at the centre of our desire to interact with customers. FJ denim is slowly taking over Belgium, France and the Netherlands, one pop-up event at a time. Next up, we are heading to Mechelen from the 31st May to 10th June.

      We also organise private events, creating the perfect opportunity for us to get to know you in a cosy and intimate environment.

      Want to have a sneak peak of a FAÇON JACMIN private event?

      They can take place at any time and wherever you want; they usually last 3 to 4 hours. Your place, our Brussels studio, a friend’s place? The choice is yours. If the settings allows it, we can come to you with the mobile boutique.

      Get a minimum of 6 friends together and fully immerse yourself in FJ denim. Enjoy a drink and some nibbles, while we show you mood boards and snippets from the design process. We also explain in detail our trademark Japanese denim and the inspirations behind each collection, while responding to your questions on our brand.

      The clothes are then presented to you and your friends. Try them on in a relaxed environment with the chance to buy directly at the event.

      Struggling to style something? Feel free to ask us for some guidance! We will highlight with you the best cuts and shapes to flatter your body shape. Our aim is to help you integrate your own wardrobe into our denim wardrobe – effortlessly creating stylish and timeless looks.

      Would you like to book a private event for you and your friends?

      Please contact us (scroll to the bottom of the page to fill in the form). 

      Find all of our upcoming events here and on our Facebook page and discover more styling ideas from our clients in YOUR LOOKS

      denim shirt japanese quality fabric belgian twins private event FAÇON JACMIN

      private styling event denim clothing for women belgian twin designers FAÇON JACMIN

      indigo blue japanese denim timeless clothing women brussels private event FAÇON JACMIN

      Insider interview with the FJ founders

      Insider interview with the FJ founders

      FAÇON JACMIN is celebrating this week their 2 years in the denim world! We thought this gave us the perfect excuse to interview the Belgian twin creators: get to know their feelings about this momentous milestone in their denim journey. 

      It’s been 2 years of Japanese denim: how do you feel?

      Ségolène: Yes it’s already been 2 years… time flies when you’re having fun ;) I have lots of different feelings about FAÇON JACMIN, I often have the impression that it’s a big adventure, full of surprises, it reminds me of a rollercoaster!

      Mostly, I have a satisfaction feeling, I’ve build something this past 2 years. FJ is like my baby. It’s true that being an entrepreneur is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. Of course, to launch your own company directly influences your private life.

      I have a feeling of freedom. Being able to decide everything and to be your own boss motivates me. I’ve now tasted that liberty and I think I wouldn’t be able to work for someone else anymore.

      I often feel emotional when I see how lucky I am to work with my twin sister. We have a particular relationship, I can count on her anytime, she is a hard worker and her creativity always surprises me. To work with her is a challenge, it’s not always easy but I see we are on the same wavelength and 100% committed to our brand.

      Alexandra: I feel very good! 2 years of denim and this is far from the end of our denim journey! I have so many ideas and projects in mind for the future of our women's clothing collections. The denim fabric is timeless and always has different results, I am enthusiastic to keep designing with our signature fabric - quality indigo blue Japanese denim.

      What has been the best moment for you during these last 2 years with FJ?

      Ségolène : When we won the “Best Emerging Talent” price at the Belgian Fashion Awards in November 2017. It was so emotional!

      Alexandra: One of the most recent ones, our OUT OF THE BLUE fashion show in Paris, the 14th of December 2017.

      If you were to do the last 2 years again, what would you do differently?

      Ségolène: It’s a tough question. Nothing in particular I believe. Mistakes help you learn and I don’t regret them. Sometimes I wish I could see my sister more. As she lives in Paris we mainly communicate by email, Skype and WhatsApp. From time to time, it’s good to see her, to be able to work with her, especially to make important decisions.

      Alexandra: I would have reinforced the communication at our various events, especially the fashion show in Paris, to create a bigger impact and more reactions.

      What have you learnt about each other in the past 2 years?

      Ségolène: I’ve learnt that you always get a price for all your efforts and that work means a lot. We’ve been educated that way. Since we were kids our parents have instilled in us the sense of work. The fact that we indeed received the same education makes it easier to collaborate today.

      Alexandra: We have learnt to communicate between us, talk about our doubts, our wishes and our fears. We are coaching each other because we are a duo. Before all, it’s important to weld each other and to have coherent ideas – it creates a solid basis for the company. With my sister we’ve learnt to encourage each other, to be positive. We’ve also learnt to explore unknown lands, news resources and to take risks and innovate. Shifting your bearings is important in this business and in life in general.

      Where do you see FJ in another 2 years?

      Ségolène: In two years I see FAÇON JACMIN as a famous brand in the denim fashion world and women's clothing, outside the Belgian borders. I see FJ spreading in Europe and in Japan, to conquer new markets such as the United States with New York City as our first target. Thanks to FAÇON JACMIN I want to keep surprising people with our Japanese denim designs and our commercial approaches such as the mobile boutique or the Brussels studio. Don’t stop innovating, being in constant movement towards bigger and better things.

      Alexandra: In two years I imagine we will have two or three new studios (Antwerp, Amsterdam,Tokyo or New York) and maybe a denim capsule collection for Men.

      PS: we are partying in Amsterdam right now at our exclusive pop-up!

      natan couture japanese denim collaboration belgian designers FAÇON JACMIN

      FJ twins denim clothing for women brussels fashion brand FAÇON JACMIN

      japanese denim 100% cotton women's fashion mobile boutique brussels antwerp FAÇON JACMIN

      japanese denim 100% cotton indigo blue women's clothing brussels FAÇON JACMIN

      FJ twins japanese denim clothing women's fashion brussels FAÇON JACMIN


      The story behind our denim

      The story behind our denim

      The Belgian twins have just returned from a trip to Japan during which they visited the atelier where FAÇON JACMIN sources its denim in the Okayama region. As beautiful as the region was, the process that went on inside the atelier was just as remarkable. They learned about the entire process of making denim from start to finish and the amount of craft and care that went into each thread of fabric. We want to share with you the journey our Japanese denim goes through – all the way from Japan to our Brussels studio and then to our clients, there are several steps before you wear it in your everyday lives.

      STEP 1 the dyeing process

      The start of the journey for our Japanese indigo blue denim is the dyeing process; the technique used is rope dyeing. They use two different processes of rope dyeing – one bigger line, where up to 10 tips can be dyed, and one small line, where 100% natural indigo dye is used. In this area of Japan, the Okayama region, cotton yarn was traditionally dyed by hand, this process is called “kase dyeing” and is when the cotton is dyed before weaving – artisans worked by hand, soaking the yarn and drying, repeating the process. The atelier aims to reproduce this technique with their original rope dyeing machines. Their technology and water process allow the indigo dyeing to be the most authentic – this ensures that our denim at FAÇON JACMIN is truly unique. This means that not only our denim designs for women are exclusive, but also the quality Japanese denim we use as our trademark material is individual.

      STEP 2 – the weaving process 

      Once dyed, the denim yarns are weaved into fabric sheets. At the atelier they still use the traditional denim weaving machines – making their process more authentic. The machines are old Japanese shuttle weaving machines from the brand ToyoDa and are from the 1950s to the 1970s. They have a total of 120 machines, 50 new and 70 old – creating a mix of different weaving processes. In their opinion, the older machines create the best weaving finish – the denim has less tension, allowing more flexibility as well as fewer irregularities. The twin designers found this process fascinating, seeing their Japanese indigo blue denim in the making.

      STEP 3 – the finishing process

      This is the final stage in the process at the atelier. All the fabrics are finished using a specific machine – increasing accuracy and quality. In this area of the atelier the main focus is finishing, inspection, testing, checking technical data – such as colour, and finally, packing. After this process our denim is on our way to us, ready to be made into our elegant and unique denim designs for our studio in Brussels.

      Sustainability at the atelier

      Denim requires high levels of water and therefore is renowned for doing harm to the environment. At the atelier they are aware of this issue and have processes in place to ensure the best care is taken in consideration to the environment. They have adopted a clean water purification system – once the water has been used during the dyeing process, the water is purified and returned to the river. This process is necessary for the environment and the Belgian twins are proud to use denim that focuses on environmental concerns. The atelier is verified within the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, a worldwide certification system for textile products at all processing levels. It focuses mainly on pollution during the processing stages of textile production, as well as customer safety. This is an increasingly important aspect of production as the mark we leave on our world becomes more and more important. At FAÇON JACMIN we are aware of the steps we need to take to become a women's fashion brand with a conscience.


      quality japanese denim twin creators FAÇON JACMIN

      japanese indigo blue denim weaving process FAÇON JACMIN

      japanese blue denim 100% cotton FAÇON JACMIN denim women's clothing brussels

      water purification process japanese denim factory FAÇON JACMIN

      Denim Vintage Shopping Guide to Tokyo

      Denim Vintage Shopping Guide to Tokyo

      The JACMIN twins are back from Japan and ready to share their top 6 spots for all your wildest vintage denim dreams! 
      1. J’ANTIQUES

      Truly a treasure trove, this superb Japanese vintage denim boutique sports a powerful selection of unique and collector pieces from the 40’s and 90’s complemented by a more recent collection. From casual and workwear to more feminine pieces, you will want to buy everything and stay for hours. Affordable to expensive.

      Shop here for denim, womenswear, menswear, accessories, and furniture.

      location-icon Kamimeguro 


        This beautiful multi-brand boutique, only for men, combines authenticity and modernity in the heart of Japan. At Maidens Shop you will find clothing, accessories and recognise a variety of American brands. Next door the shop Well-Made by Maidens Shop offers a selection of high-end workwear. Affordable to expensive.

        Shop here for denim, menswear and accessories.

        location-icon Harajuku

        3. TORO

          This old-timer boutique specialises in quality vintage denim from the US and Europe. If you’re feeling the 90’s, this is the perfect place for you. Wider selection includes older pieces as well as more recent ones. Welcoming staff. Rather expensive.

           Shop here for denim, womenswear, menswear and accessories.

          location-icon Harajuku

          4. BERBERJIN

            Opened more than 20 years ago, this classy Japanese shop offers a large selection of vintage denim. Amongst others, you will recognise many American brands from the 50’s to 90’s and sometimes older. Affordable to expensive.

            Shop here for denim, casual wear, workwear, shoes, womenswear and menswear.

            location-icon Harajuku 

            5. SANTA MONICA

            The Santa Monica branch operates a total of 6 boutiques in Tokyo. They guarantee a large selection of casual basics and more feminine pieces mostly from the 80’s, however they have older and newer pieces as well. Quite affordable.

            Shop here for denim, workwear, casual wear, womenswear and menswear.

            location-icon Harajuku 

            6. RED WOOD

              This Japanese boutique offers a broad range of vintage as well as new clothing, accessories, and shoes. Presents a rather masculine western workwear style. Quite affordable.

              Shop here for denim, workwear, casual wear, womenswear and menswear.

              location-icon Shibuya 



              Get to know the JACMINETTES

              Get to know the JACMINETTES

              The JACMINETTES are the enthusiasts of FAÇON JACMIN. As a gift for all of their support, we organise exclusive and innovative events, a chance for them to be fully immersed in our Japanese denim world. We created this concept in order to reunite denim lovers and our supporters from day one, building a community of DENIMISTS.

              Our first exclusive event with the JACMINETTES took place at the beginning of December 2017. The evening was electric, sharing our passion for denim over cheese and wine – the JACMINETTES community was born! Our OUT OF THE BLUE 18 indigo blue denim collection was showcased at our Brussels studio, providing the JACMINETTES with a sneak preview before the official reveal, later on in the month, at our fashion show in Paris.

              The JACMINETTES were reunited again in March this year – 19 of our enthusiastic women, dressed from head to toe in FAÇON JACMIN, posed on the streets of Antwerp, Belgium, for a special photoshoot. The JACMINETTES were the stars – real, inspiring women dressed in our quality Japanese denim collection. During the day we asked some of our JACMINETTES a few simple questions about their desire for FAÇON JACMIN. Get to know them and their passion for denim in these mini interviews:

              Hilde first discovered FAÇON JACMIN through our mobile boutique in Brussels and has since become a denim lover, she is a true DENIMIST.

              • FJ: What is your favourite denim piece?
              • Hilde: I own 8 denim designs, so this is a hard question, but I think the PAIGE oversized bicolour jeans are my all-time favourite.
              • FJ: Describe in a few words how FAÇON JACMIN makes you feel.
              • Hilde: Stylish and casual.  

              Axelle was introduced to FAÇON JACMIN through a private event at our Brussels studio, now she follows our every move and is a loyal member of our JACMINETTE community.

              • FJ: What was the first FAÇON JACMIN denim design you bought?
              • Axelle: RITA – it is the ideal denim dress for all year round.
              • FJ: Describe FAÇON JACMIN in your own words.
              • Axelle: Clothes in which every woman can feel good about herself.

              Charlotte has been a supporter of ours from the beginning, obsessing over FAÇON JACMIN from day one to now. With 6 denim pieces in her collection, she is a denim addict.

              • FJ: What was the first FAÇON JACMIN denim design you bought?
              • Charlotte: MARLENE denim coat and the ROMY long denim dress in white.
              • FJ: What is your favourite denim piece?
              • Charlotte: I can’t pick one favourite! My two favourites are PAOLA and TALI.
              • FJ: Describe FAÇON JACMIN in your own words.
              • Charlotte: Beautiful and feminine in its simplicity.

              For us, this community captures the perfect image of our vision for FAÇON JACMIN. The definition of the JACMINETTES are women who live in our designs and want more of our denim to add to their collection. We are excited about the future of the JACMINETTES and are already busy planning our next get together in June. Join us on our DENIMIST Revolution.




              denim-chic-outfit-inspirationPhotos ©Sarah Van Praag

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