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Denim journey

Denim journey

Belgian twins, Alexandra and Ségolène JACMIN join forces to create a modern denim wardrobe for women. Alexandra, who graduated from La Cambre and cut her cloth at Maison Martin Margiela and Jean-Paul Gaultier, is complemented by her entrepreneur sister Ségolène. The twins took the plunge and created the women's fashion brand, FAÇON JACMIN in 2016, they have never looked back.

The French word façon conveys a sense of craft and design – FAÇON JACMIN stands for wearing handcrafted denim with attitude.

FAÇON JACMIN offers an authentic collection of garments made entirely out of Japanese denim, in indigo and white shades. Denim has always intrigued Alexandra, it is a material that is highly interesting for her. She believes that denim deserves to be used in multiple ways – not just for a pair of jeans or a denim jacket. This is where the brand proudly breaks the restraints of women's fashion by diversifying and sophisticating the indigo blue Japanese denim - their staple material. Their pieces invoke boldness with a touch of delicateness. High quality denim clothes to embrace and express women at all times, all seasons and all occasions. 

Denim: king of the cult, symbol of youth, functional and durable, the most personal of all materials that dresses the figure. Cut and created in all kinds of form; elegant, casual, formal, the essence lies in the attitude of comfort, confidence and cool charm - embrace the denim, let it grow and become a part of you.

The indigo blue denim is sourced from Japan and the pieces are made in Europe by artisans and denim specialists. They are then on the move, in FAÇON JACMIN's four-wheeled fashion boutique and Brussels' denim studio, crossing borders - from Belgium all over the world.

Denim's power lies in its ability to metamorphosise. Belgian brand, FAÇON JACMIN allows women's denim collections to be their everyday canvas. More than a cultural, social or generational audience, FAÇON JACMIN reaches out for dynamic and spontaneous spirits. Their quality Japanese denim wardrobe aims to highlight a woman's charisma, liberate their gestures and gracefully embrace them. Be part of the DENIMIST journey with us, choose our indigo blue Japanese denim to add to your collection.

FAÇON JACMIN efforts have been recognised as they won the award for “Best Talent 2016” by C’est du Belge/RTBF, and a year later, in 2017 an award for “Best Emerging Talent” at the Belgian Fashion Awards. FAÇON JACMIN is proud to be awarded prestigious awards and continue to strive for excellence. 

Featured in: Elle, Belmodo, Le Vif Weekend, De Standaard, ...


A Japanese love story
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