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Inspired from the David Lynch-esque 80’s, the BLUE VELVET collection is foremost an aesthetic recollection. Particularly sensual, almost hypnotizing, it reveals a melancholic and audacious influence.

The collection is warm, padded, and features many comfort pleats that may hint at the perfecto jackets. While primarily made of iconic pieces, it also presents more unusual garments such as a denim sweater and a reversible denim skirt. The silhouettes are both feminine and masculine. The male wardrobe influence can be found in the pants, workwear jackets and oversize shirts. Some pieces are made reversible into a blue velvet fabric with soft voluptuous pockets. Crafted in smocks, ruffles, drapes, the pieces of this collection are padded and quilted into the look of your dreams.

The BLUE VELVET collection presents three artisanal pieces which are crafted using the smock technique, with ruffles and gathers, as well as embroidery and honeycomb patterns. These methods are made from extra large bases of fabrics that diminish as the various techniques are finished. One look was realised from an old pair of extra large mens jeans, embroidered in order to minimize the fabric and adapt into a more feminine silhouette. Read more about upcycling and our artisanal collection here.


Documented by Hugo Comte

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