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The North Sea collection for Autumn/Winter 2019 reinterprets iconic sailor clothing such as the peacoat or the “vareuse” blouse, and more particularly presents a capsule collection of indigo knitwear. The Knitwear Capsule is a bold project whereby designer Alexandra Jacmin reconciles denim with the art of knitting. It presents four knitted denim garments created with West Indian Sea Island cotton and South African Seaweed dyed with natural indigo.

north sea aw19 collection

The capsule collection consists of a knitted jumper, a knitted beanie hat, a knitted scarf and a knitted removable collar. The collection is inspired from traditional sailors' workwear, which had to be resistant to the changing weather conditions. The pieces are knitted with South African seaweed and West Indian Sea Island cotton. Both fabrics are known to create soft and silky resistant wear – and are dyed with natural indigo. Compared to synthetic indigo that produces an even blue, the natural indigo dye gives beautiful colour variations that depends on where it was grown and the weather conditions in which it was grown. Natural indigo is a sustainable dye that doesn’t produce harmful waste and that can be composted and used to fertilise crops.

north sea aw19 collection north sea aw19 collection

Finally, the Knitwear Capsule stems from a commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. Alexandra is devoted to gaining more freedom in her creative process; to explore sustainable techniques and work with local specialised craftsmen. Once again breaking the constraints of the fashion industry and broadening the scope of denim.


Documented by Merel Hart

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