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OUT OF THE BLUE is the idea of something suddenly appearing. Out of the blue arrived a collection of Japanese indigo blue denim from the Okayama region, and the contrast of Japanese white denim with blue embroidery. Embroidery is often used on denim to mark its identity, like a tattoo on the skin, but in this denim collection for women it is a new way of seeing denim. The denim is a raw canvas, it has become feminised, adding delicacy to its resistance. This visual sensation of embroidery and silhouette cuts are to us an inspiring result to have come out of the blue.

A denim collection influenced by a mixture of elements – the rich blue colour, the defining characteristic of these designs, is inspired by Moroccan mosaics, a feature that highlights the blue tones and adds patterns to the pieces. Paintings from Poliakoff and Picasso’s blue period provide more explanations for the focus on blue, as well as the indigo blue of the Japanese denim itself. The embroidery technique used allows for a more playful use of blue tones, over the classical washed denim techniques used to vary colour. Discover the story behind our artisanal pieces....

The shapes and cuts of these denim pieces were a focus for Alexandra when designing them. The silhouettes are feminine and sensual with cuts to hug the figure and plunging necklines, contrasted against masculine and oversized shapes. It is a play between feminine and sensual with masculine workwear, an unexpected, yet irresistible match.


The denim collection was presented during the Belgian twin sisters first fashion show in December 2017 at the old General Delegation building for Brussels in Paris. The show was directed by Chloé Quenum, her vision created an evening to remember. The models wore antique jewellery from the boutique Isabelle Subra Woolworth, a breath-taking addition to the denim collection, while the flowers, selected to contrast with the blue backdrops, were provided by Portefoin.

The furniture was designed by Arielle Gentil with an emphasis on thread, complementing our artisanal pieces. The electro-pop band COSMO SONIC created a set exclusively for the evening that reflects the collection itself. Listen to the set here. FAÇON JACMIN uses the photos taken during the fashion show, instead of traditional campaign photos, in order to capture the ambiance of the event as well as offering a different point of view as a way of showcasing their denim. The twins hope you enjoy their selection of pictures.

Photos ©Jonathan Philippe Levy


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