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Artisanal Design

FAÇON JACMIN honors craftsmanship by complementing its denim collections with two to three artisanal pieces per season. Designed by Alexandra JACMIN, these unique pieces are hand crafted on the basis of up-cycled vintage denim garments or threads.

These artisanal pieces are part of our up-cycling project; the idea is to give old denim garments a second life, while developing a more ethical and sustainable approach to fashion. The patience, rigor and precision required to design these pieces are an opportunity for Alexandra to explore unknown areas and discover new techniques. For Alexandra “it is to go after ambitious artistic projects and to feel both a personal and professional satisfaction. In creation, it is vital to give yourself challenges and to explore new avenues”

Somewhere between discovery and research, these artisanal pieces lead to new, sometimes unexpected, reflexions of the garment and design process. Ultimately it gives meaning the word “FAÇON”, which conveys a sense of artisanal craft and design.

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